Scrapebox Footprints

Footprints are specific kind of pages or scripts which you can use to blast with Scrapebox or just for creating backlinks manually. It is very important to use the right Scrapebox footprints, which will enable you to find good backlinks.

If you combine your search with your desired keywords, you will find loads of useful backlinks on specific platforms. An example of a footprint that most Scrapebox users probably know is “Powered by vbulletin”. If you combine this with your keywords, you will find forums on the topic of your keyword where you can post links to. In this article we would like to give you some lesser-known footprints. Hope you will find it useful!

MediaWiki Footprints

MediaWiki is a piece of PHP software, that was originally intented for Wikipedia. The software is currently used by other sites of Wikimedia (a non-profit organization) and by other Wikis.


-Inurl:wiki Keyword

-Keyword “wiki” (

-Keyword ‘powered by mediawiki’

MediaWiki also listed all the sites that use their software:

IP Board

Lesser known than the phpBB platform, but very good for leaving a link.

Footprint: Keyword “Powered By IP.Board”


ExpressionEngine is a CMS that is used by thousands of companies and individuals.

Footprint: Keyword “Powered by ExpressionEngine”

Kick Apps

Kick Apps let you transform your website into a social platform. You can find good places to post a link.


“You can join by using one of our existing provider accounts: ”
“Social Media Platform by KickApps”

The above footprints are not Scrapebox footprints per se. You can use them also for manual linkbuilding. If you have some Scrapebox footprints to share yourself, please leave a comment.

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